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What to Expect From Your Visit to Chozu

If you have never been to Chozu before, it can be a challenge to imagine what the experience will be like. It’s much more than a spa experience though massages and body treatments are available. Chozu is a Japanese inspired soaking spa with heated soaking pools, a cold plunge pool, sauna, steam rooms, a variety of massage and body treatments, and a tea and sake lounge. The amenities are laid out as such to provide the guest with hydrotherapy opportunities when used with what staff call the “rotation”, but guests are encouraged to experiment and use the amenities as they wish.

The “rotation” refers to a method of using the Chozu amenities designed to take advantage of hydrotherapy benefits. The rotation can look something like this: rinse off in warm water, steam 15 min, rinse again but with cool water, get into the heated bath approximately 10-20 min, sauna for 10 min cold plunge— repeat. The staff can give you more information on how to use this rotation to enhance hydrotherapy benefits, so feel free to ask!

Let’s take a walk through some of the ways you can enjoy Chozu.

Start your journey with a robe and towel wrap which you can use in place of a swim suit if you wish. The locker rooms provide a place to change and securely place your belongings. The steam areas are connected to the locker rooms and are a recommended place to begin. Chozu staff recommend 15 min in the steam room to begin detox. Guests are welcome to do the “rotation” for hydrotherapy benefits or to use the soaking pools, sauna, and cold plunge in the order that makes them most comfortable. If you have opted to use the communal pool, you have the option of the larger heated communal soaking pool, the cold plunge pool, the co-ed sauna, and the steam rooms attached to the locker rooms.

If you have booked a private pool, you will have 30 min to use the communal areas including steam room, sauna, and cold plunge pool. The other 60 minutes will be spent in your private heated soaking pool. Private pools also have the benefit of poolside service of food and drinks from the tea and sake lounge making the experience truly special. It’s easy to upgrade to a private pool if it is available.

If you have booked a body treatment, you have a complimentary 90 minutes to use the communal spaces. Staff recommends using 45 minutes of that time before your treatment and 45 minutes after for maximum relaxation. It’s a good idea to plan to spend around 3 hours at Chozu if you intend to use the full 90 minute soak that comes with your body treatment. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays have what are called “Quiet Hours” especially in the morning.  It tends to be slower and staff asks guests to use lowered voices to enhance the tranquil effect.

The Chozu experience is designed to encourage a routine of wellness and self-care and packages are available to make services more affordable.

A few tips to make the most out of your visit to Chozu…

  • Bring your own towel- you get a $2 discount.

  • Sometimes walk-in appts are available for soaking, but it is always better to make reservations especially for private pools. Reservations are required for body treatments and massages.

  • If you are an out of town visitor, Chozu has guest cottages available one block from Chozu. As a guest staying in the cottages, you can enjoy half price soaks and 15% off body treatments.

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