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Chozu Bath & Tea Gardens

541-552-0202 | 832 A Street, Ashland, OR

 Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 10pm | Sunday 10am - 5pm


Give the Gift of Relaxation

Do you know someone who needs

a day to sink into tranquility?

Chozu Gift Certicates

Make someone's day when you give them a gift certificate to Chozu.


1) Purchase the card in the amount you want.

2) In the "notes" section of the checkout process please tell us the first and last name of the person the card is for.

3) We'll follow up with a confirmation email within three business days that includes an electronic gift card that you can print or send as an email to the recipient.

4) We will not be sending Gift Cards via snail mail, but if you live in town you can come by and pick them up at the front desk.

Please note that if you want to purchase multiple cards you will have to do them as separate transactions.

All Gift Cards 10% Off Through Feb. 17th
$50 Gift Card for $45

Ideal for two garden passes.

$70 Gift Card for $63

Ideal for a private pool for two.

$100 Gift Card for $90

Ideal for a Swedish massage.

$125 Gift Card for $112.50

Ideal for a massage and a treat in the lounge.

$150 Gift Card for $135

Ideal for a massage and a soak in a private pool.

$255 Gift Card for $229.50

Ideal for a Couple's Retreat.

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