Tea & Sake Lounge

With its comfy couches and serene atmosphere, Chozu’s Lounge is the perfect place to relax after a soak or spa treatment. We have a wonderful array of Japanese drinks and food to nourish and delight. 


Our menu is inspired by traditional rural Japanese food, with a pub twist. Come and enjoy our delicious selection of traditional sakés and saké-inspired cocktails. Or, sit back and sip on your choice of tea. We serve a range of authentic green teas, oolongs, and herbal teas. We are also now serving Matcha, Rooibos, and Black Tea lattes.


The Chozu Lounge is a special place in Ashland to come for drinks and small plates in a quiet and laid back environment. Meet your friends here or have a romantic date.

Tea and Sake Lounge
chozu menu
miso soup







Lightly toasted with hot chili oil



Miso Soup 

Served with chives and tofu



Seaweed Salad 

Marinated seaweed sprinkled with sesame seeds



Pickled Quail Eggs 

Pickled in-house. Black vinegar and spicy pepper brines



Miso Glazed Pecans

Roasted with maple-miso glaze and ginger




Cucumber with wakame salad



Prawn Shumai 

Petite dumplings with hot mustard and Ponzu




In-house pickled vegetables


Braised Shiitake Mushrooms 

Sake reduction with Balsamic vinegar





Our tamari is organic and wheat free. 





AMAMONO (sweets)


Mochi Ice Cream 

Sweet rice pastry served with your choice of mango and/or green tea ice cream.



Matcha Bread (Gluten-free) | 4

Steamed cake, lightly sweetened and infused with matcha and adzuki beans.









We offer a beautiful selection of premium sake. Served chilled or some styles can be served warm. Ask us about our full bottle selection as well.



Shochikubai (Junmai) $5 

Our house sake typically served warm.


Ban Ryu (Junmai) $6.5 

Micro-filtered creating a soft flavor with hints of blackberry.


Honkara X-dry (Junmai) $7 

Exceptionally forward it is full flavored and finishes dry.


Shichi Hon Yari (Junmai) $10 

Named after the 7 samurai, brewed since 1540 earthy & clean.


Joto Nigori $7.5 

Unfiltered with a smooth texture, surprisingly dry.


Mabaroshi (Junmai Ginjo) $11

Higher polishing of rice. Delicate hints of plum, crisp finish.


Konteki (Daiginjo) $11

One of the highest echelon of sake, rice polished to half the original size.  Elegant and refined.





Tokyo Sunset $12

Sake-inspired Manhattan featuring Vya sweet vermouth and Hannya hot pepper 


Sakura Sparkler $9

Staring a beautiful plum wine with Pelligrino and a hint of cherry.


Camelia $12

Blend of joto yuzu liqueur and delicate champagne.

Bright, bubbly and refreshing.





Quady North Pistoleta $8

Blend of roussanne, marsanne, viognier & grenache


Quady North Syrah $8.5


Sapporo Draft Beer (12oz) $3.75 


Deschutes IPA (12oz) $4






(Pots of Tea and Single Serving)


Genmaicha $4 

Sencha with a pinch of matcha and toasted rice. Low caffeine.


Hojicha  $4 

Toasted sencha very low in caffeine. Amber color with a more rich earthy flavor.


Sencha  $4 

Deep green color and high antioxidant content, most traditional of the green teas. Moderate caffeine.


Gyokuro  $4

Premium leaf picked prior to harvest and shaded from sunlight, creating a delicate and aromatic tea. Moderate caffeine.


Ceremonial Matcha $4

Traditional for tea ceremony and made exclusively from the tips of young tea plants. Stone ground into a fine powder it is served whisked in a tea bowl. Moderate caffeine.


Iron Goddess Oolong  $4 

A green oolong with a rich flavor and lower in caffeine than black tea. Moderate caffeine.


White Moonlight  $4 

A delicate, creamy white tea, with downy leaves. Rich with antioxidants. Low caffeine.


Jasmine Dragon Pearl  $4 

Hand rolled into pearls, this tea has a highly aromatic quality. Low caffeine.


Heicha Earl Grey  $4 

Fermented naturally with “golden flora” for healthy digestion and weight control. High caffeine.


Matcha, Black Tea, or Rooibos Latte $5

Premium tea blends with coconut, chia seed and almond milk.


Chamomile Mint $4

Calming blend of chamomile, peppermint and spearmint.


Lavender Rose $4

A fragrant blend of moorish lavender and rose petals.


Butterfly Tranquility Tea $4

Ayurvedic tea with a mesmerizing indigo blue that promotes memory and deep relaxation.






Sparkling Water $2


OPC Antioxidant Fizz $2 

An effervescent drink with sparkling water and infused aronia berry. This potent superfood supports muscle recovery, blood sugar equilibrium, and cardiovascular health.



Choya Soda $3

Your Choice in flavor: Plum or Citrus Yuzu

Kind Words From Our Visitors

“My husband surprised me on our 19th anniversary with a couples massage package at Chozu. We have been here before, as we are locals, and it's a beautiful, restful spot in a quiet part of town. With the package, we had a light lunch of Japanese food in a sweet little dining area with a perfect pot of Jasmine tea. They also offer several saki inspired libations. We had an hour in their private soaking pool where we were able to go in nude. There is also a more 'public' pool and cover ups are provided. After the soak we had massages in separate rooms with very competent masseuses then finished up in the sauna. The whole experience was wonderful and rejuvenating. You can get a massage at various places in Ashland, but you won't find an experience like this. It's a gift to yourself you will reflect on and want to repeat - as we did."

Trip Advisor - December 2015