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Chozu Gardens' Story

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A Santa Barbara native, I moved to Ashland in 1997 to establish a chiropractic business. My work as a chiropractor focuses on movement therapy and I believe strongly in helping people learn how to continue the healing that starts in my office. I first created Agile Healing Arts, a Pilates center with classes, exercise rehabilitation and a focus on wellness and self-care.


In creating Chozu, I was inspired to help people find a path to preventative wellness by nurturing their bodies in the tradition of Japanese baths. While traveling in Japan I felt a deep connection with their healing traditions. My idea was simple. In many other cultures,    public baths are where people have traditionally gone to take care of themselves for good hygiene and health. As a community people heal together. My goal was to create a tranquil and healing space where people could come for self-care and personal work.


In addition to the bath gardens, Chozu has a skilled team of massage therapists and bodyworkers to complement your stay in the gardens. We also have a lounge and tea house with a Japanese-inspired menu. Chozu's overarching approach is to simply plunge into tranquility. I invite you to come experience the traditional Japanese philosophy of self-care, relaxation, rejuvenation and the soothing of tensions.




Ilene Rubinstein

Chozu Bath Gardens
Ilene Rubenstein
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