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Chozu's Experienced & Professional Therapists

Eniko Chandrika Galbacs

LMT# 17473

Being eclectic and artistic comes naturally to me. Diverse influences from my life flow into my practice of massage, resulting in treatments that are deeply therapeutic and restful, containing elements of the spiritual, bringing many clients in touch with their deeper wellsprings. An ethnic Hungarian from Eastern Europe by birth and East Indian in spirit, I graduated from The Ashmead School of Massage in Everett, WA and have had a massage business in Europe.

Kaza Satterfield

LMT #20239

I can describe a treatment with me as a trance-inducing rhythmic deep flow. That means my tension melting multi-point orchestrated techniques efficiently and effectively open joints, align and create spaciousness in the spine and reduce muscle adhesions and tension. My sweetly caring intuitive touch creates a safe space for the release of pain and physical trauma, leaving you feeling refreshed and aligned.

Caryn Jacobson

LMT #11905

As a graduate of Seattle Massage School class of 97', Caryn's education included a wide range of deep tissue and muscle unwinding techniques. After massaging ten years in Washington State, she continued her studies and practice in the Rogue Valley. Each session focuses on myofascial fluid mobilization to release and soften any stressful restrictions and alleviate muscle tension.


"The goal after a massage with me is that your body will feel relaxed harmonized, and revived."

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Ariah Tyler

LMT #25702

Since 2012, Ariah Tyler has been treating symptoms from chronic pain, stress, and trauma. His work draws from a wide array of training which includes the modalities of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports/ Injury Rehab, Esalen, Reflexology, Thai, Biodynamic Craniosacral, and Polarity Therapy.

Ariah holds a 750 hr integrated massage training from Arizona School of Integrated Studies, a 250 Hour Esalen massage training, RYT-200, and a 2-year immersion in psychology and holistic health at Prescott College. From professional athletes to senior care Ariah has had experience with clients from all walks of life.

Alicia Jasmine Carvalho

LMT #25442

As a therapist, my goal is to create a safe, nurturing, and quiet space for people to come in from the day-to-day stress to rest, replenish, and rejuvenate. So much of our tension and emotional trauma is stored in the tissue of our bodies, so I offer soothing, gentle, intuitive touch to help release any stored stress.

I incorporate my love of nature into the treatment space by tuning in to the body’s natural seasons and rhythms to find what each individual person needs for that moment to restore the tissue and to bring back balance.

Sara Anderson

LMT #20928

From the very first professional massage I gave years ago to those in recent sessions, one compliment consistently given is that I have a nurturing energy. Whether giving a Swedish massage, deep tissue, or any other service we offer here at Chozu, I see compassion as my workbench. From muscles to energy, I always do my best to meet the client where they are and help them have a better day through my work

Tara Sky

LMT #25875

I am passionate about helping people heal their body, mind and soul. I have worked in the health profession for over 25 years. I have studied the healing practices from cultures around the world—Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Buddhist, Q’ero from Peru and the Native Americans. Weaving together the wisdom of these ancient cultures creates an extraordinary healing experience. I merge all I have learned into a massage session that releases blocks and allows healing on deep levels affecting body, mind and soul.