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Chozu's Experienced & Professional Therapists

Eniko Chandrika Galbacs
LMT# 17473

Being eclectic and artistic comes naturally to me. Diverse influences from my life flow into my practice of massage, resulting in treatments that are deeply therapeutic and restful, containing elements of the spiritual, bringing many clients in touch with their deeper wellsprings. An ethnic Hungarian from Eastern Europe by birth and East Indian in spirit, I graduated from The Ashmead School of Massage in Everett, WA and have had a massage business in Europe.

Caryn Jacobson
LMT #11905

As a graduate of Seattle Massage School class of 97', Caryn's education included a wide range of deep tissue and muscle unwinding techniques. After massaging ten years in Washington State, she continued her studies and practice in the Rogue Valley. Each session focuses on myofascial fluid mobilization to release and soften any stressful restrictions and alleviate muscle tension.


"The goal after a massage with me is that your body will feel relaxed harmonized, and revived."


Caroline Paschke
LMT# 21598

Prior to arriving in Marin County in 2019, Caroline trained and worked in London, Mexico City, Ashland, Oregon and Los Angeles.

Caroline deeply believes that massage therapy can be a transformational key to the alignment of body, soul and spirit. With this philosophy in mind, she aims to create a healing space for each individual to release stress, pain and anxiety, and experience a more relaxed and rested body.

Caroline works effortlessly and thoroughly in a rhythmic and flowing style throughout the body. She applies deep tissue and myo-fascial techniques to relieve joints and ligaments, invigorate and release tight muscles, and assist in calming, soothing and stretching the body, so that the client feels an overall sense of well-being.


Todd Bjornson
LMT# 15619

Todd has been a massage therapist for over 20 years, with his initial training completed at Full Circle School of Massage in Colorado. Over the past two decades, he has studied and integrated Cranio-Sacral, Sports Massage, Shiatsu, and Polarity therapies with his foundation in Deep-tissue and Swedish-flow massage.


In each of his sessions, he creates a unique experience for every individual. His style of massage both “gets in there”, yet does so with grace, elegance, and flow. Each session is unique and personalized for you.  With the intention that when you come out the other side you feel refreshed, relaxed, and invigorated.


Amy Larsen 
LMT# 7503

Amy is a 6th generation Oregonian, and has been practicing massage for over 21 years.  She graduated as a Valedictorian from Mazama High School, and received her massage education from Rogue Community College.

Massage Therapy is part of her spirit. She is highly intuitive and uses several different techniques for each individual session. Customizing each appointment in order to facilitate optimal healing and relaxation, Amy may use the firm pressure of deep tissue, while other times, the skilled, light touch of Craniosacral Therapy.

Indicative of her deep passion and love for bodywork, she often blends various techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Reiki to help create a more relaxing, releasing and flowing session. She is also a certified Level III Reiki practitioner.  

 Amy enjoys raising her daughter in beautiful Ashland, and spending time with her family and precious fur babies…often taking them on hiking trails and jaunts to the coast.  


Kyle Paladeni 
LMT# 18013

Kyle Paladeni joined the Chozu family in June of 2022. Her career as a Massage Therapist began in 2011 when she graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. The modalities that show up in her work are Swedish, Reflexology, Thai and Reiki. She works gently with the body to encourage relaxation and lengthening of the muscles. Her massages include detail work on the feet, hands, neck and head. 


Lisa Carter 
OR Lic 5924

Drawing on 30 years of experience in the field of somatic bodywork, Lisa utilizes a variety of modalities, which she effectively integrates into each session to best serve you and your individual needs.

 Since graduating from massage school in 1994, Lisa has continued to expand and hone her keen, intuitive insight….while utilizing some of the most effective, therapeutic techniques available. You can count on a bodywork session with Lisa, to both sooth the spirit, as well as relax and comfort the body.

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