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Discover Ashland's Hidden Oasis of Tranquility

Pool Gardens

Bath Gardens

Private Pool

Soak | Steam | Sauna | Cold Plunge

90 Minutes

$30 per person

Bathing Bundle not included

Soak | Steam | Sauna | Cold Plunge

60 minutes in Private Pool

Additional 30 minutes in Communal Area

Bathing Bundle Included

$50 for one person

$45 per person for two or more people

Poolside Menu Available!

All Bath Gardens are by reservations only. 

Bathing Bundle for $4

Didn't bring your own bathing essentials for your visit?  You can rent from us!   

Bundle includes towel, koshimaki wrap and sandals

We close promptly. Please make sure you have enough time to enjoy the pool!

The Chozu bath experience begins with a purifying shower and includes access to our men and women’s steam rooms. We have a Bathing Bundle available for guests.  Bundle includes rental of a towel, koshimaki (towel wrap in place of a bathing suit if you prefer) and sandals to use while in the communal space featuring a 7000 gallon hot pool, sauna, steam and cold plunge. Minors 14 years and older are welcome prior to 6 PM when accompanied by an adult (one minor per adult). Swimsuits or wraps are required both in the pool and around the garden. After 6 PM clothing is optional in the pools but is still required in the garden. Our sauna is custom-made with cedar planking for a deeply relaxing experience.  Please see our Customs and Guidelines page for details regarding use of the bath gardens here.

Kind Words From Our Visitors

“Unbelievable oasis. Transformative. A hidden retreat, a quiet monastery of joy and tranquility. From the steam room to the plunge pool to the hot bath, coupled with the hot tea. To the sauna, back to the cold pool, into the hot pool. Meditate."

Trip Advisor

What a relaxing place!!! My daughter and I enjoyed the hot water pool, the cold plunge, sauna and then the steam room!  It was clean. The common pool wasn't crowded. They provide towels, wraps and sandals for a minimal charge, but you can bring your own. I hope next time to enjoy a massage as well. They provide shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. We left extremely relaxed!!! Can't wait to go back!  

Yelp Review

“This is a must if you are looking to relax and have some quiet solitude! Steam rooms, and soaking pools, heaven!!! Very clean and professional staff."

Trip Advisor

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